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Being a family company, Yeşilyurt Group has adopted the goal of providing uninterrupted and quality of services to its customers since 1980. Taking important steps in the industry sectors with the rolling mills and steel mills it founded in Karabük and Samsun, the Group has been mentioned among the first 150 industrial companies of Turkey in the İstanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) list for years with its 800.000 ton/year production capacity in the iron- steel sector.

The Yeşilyurt Grouphas fulfilled the port need of Black Sea Region and environs by providing high level machinery park and service mentality and allowed the region to unite with the international markets.

In addition to commercial activities in the iron- steel sector in which it has proven its place, the Yeşilyurt Group has achieved to a good name in the retail sector with the Yeşilyurt Shopping and Recreation Center.

The Yeşilyurt Group, the Pride of the Black Sea, has been making national and international investments in the energy sector with its many years long experience as well as carrying out studies in order to provide more economic and easy electricity transmission to the region.
Yeşilyurt Energy
Yesilyurt Energy, which is an affiliate of Yesilyurt Group, benefitted from the experience of the parent concern, and started its operations in investment, production and trade branches in energy sector.

After Natural Gas Combined Cycle Plant with 162 MWh installed power came on stream on 4.08.2013, Yesilyurt Electric Energy Wholesale Corporation which has an effective role in commercial services became officially operational on 14.01.2014.
Yeşilyurt Iron Steel Industry
Iron Steel
Founded as a family company in 1980, the YeşilyurtIron – Steel’s first involvement in the production had begun with the 100.000 ton/year production capacity bar mill founded in Karabük. The 420.000 ton/year production capacity second bar mill was founded in Samsunin 1987 and 420.000 ton/year production capacity steel mill was foundedin 1997.

Aiming at having a leading place in the world steel production, the YeşilyurtIron- Steel has increased its rolling mill capacity to 900,000 ton/year and liquid steel capacity to 1.300.000 ton/year as a result of its modernization studies. Deformed Reinforcement Steel bars from 8 mm to 50 mm are produced in the 900.000 ton/year production capacity facilities which are designed based on quality and productivity and have all kinds of required technological infrastructure.
Yeşilyurt Port
15 kilometers away from the city center of Samsun, the Yeşilyurt Port Management is located at a strategic spot. The Yeşilyurt Port has integrated with the regional trade volume and the world trade due to its close location to Novorossijsk, Tuapse, Anapa, Azak, Taganrog, Yeisk of Russia;Slimreropol, Heron, Oddesa of Ukraine; Bathum, Sochi of Georgia; Constanza of Romania and many other ports of other cities.

It is one of Turkey’s most important port facilities with its modern appliances and equipment.
Yeşilyurt Shopping Center
Founded as an affiliated to the Yeşilyurt Group, the Yeşilyurt Shopping and Recreation Center offering social activities and elite brands was opened on April 14, 2007.

Located on total of 5.000 m2 of land and having approximately 25.000 m2closed area, 4 storied Yeşilyurt Shopping and Recreation Center hosts approximately 70 stores, a supermarket, 7 movie theater saloons, restaurants, cafeterias, 750 car capacity parking zone and children’s activity center.The YeşilyurtShopping Center went beyond being just a shopping mall and has become a new recreation area that attracts people from all ages and various different groups.
What is Electricity Sale?
What is
If you are consuming more electricity than the amount determined by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK) (Eligible Consumer Limit for 2015: 4.000 kWh/year) and if you are directly connected to the transmission/ distribution system; you will have the right to use advantaged electricity under the title of Eligible Consumer.

According to the current Automatic Pricing Mechanism, the Turkish Electricity Distribution Corporation (TEDAŞ) price list is determined in line with the periodical changes in the electricity generation costs. The special and advantageous price list offered by the YeşilyurtEnergy, shall protect you against this changing electricity generation costs and allow you to benefit from its advantageous electricity prices.
How can I Buy Discounted Electricity?
How can I Buy
Buying electricity from the Yeşilyurt Energy shall be enough to reduce your electricity costs.

In order to use electricity with discounted price from the Yeşilyurt Energy;
  • It will be enough to sign a contract with the Yeşilyurt Energy,
  • To install electronic counter capable of making multi-time slice measurement,
  • To guarantee that you will exceed the eligible consumer limit determined for the current year,
  • To consume average of monthly TL 110 or more electricity energy.
Why Shall I Prefer Yeşilyurt Energy?
Why Shall
I Prefer
  • To benefit from the 34 year long experience of the Yeşilyurt Group,
  • To use productive energy transmitted directly to you via modern infrastructure,
  • To benefit from the most suitable price list proposed by our expert energy consultants according to your own consumption habits,
  • All you need is the Yeşilyurt Energy for saving by paying less for electricity bills.
Who Can Benefit from the Energy Advantages Offered by the Yeşilyurt Energy?
Who Can Benefit
from the Energy
Advantages Offered by the
Yeşilyurt Energy?
Small- Scaled Enterprises
Small- scaled enterprises such as bakeries, markets, restaurants and cafés which are growing by taking little steps by working day and night with limited capital amidst a fierce competition and uses electricity throughout the day are benefitting from the advantageous price list of Yeşilyurt Energy.

Medium- Scaled Enterprises
Medium- scaled enterprises such as hotels, courses and shopping centers which created unlimited success stories despite limited marketing opportunities are reducing their energy costs with the reasonable prices offered by the Yeşilyurt Energy.

Large- Scaled Enterprises
Large-scale enterprises such as holdings, universities and banks which always needs energy and having a say in the national and international markets prefer to work with the Yeşilyurt Energy.

Mass Housing
Mass housing facilities playing host to thousands of people and whose needs such as heating, cooling, security and accordingly electricity never ends are reducing their energy costs into minimum with the Yeşilyurt Energy.

And very soon everybody...
The Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK) is expected to adopt a new regulation very soon in order to reduce the wholesale electricity limit to 0 kWh/year. This will allow everyone to procure electricity with the most suitable prices. More energy with lower prices will be in your services very soon at the Yeşilyurt Energy.
What are the Required Documents?
What are
the Required
Required documents needed to start energy procurement:
  • Invoice information concerning the most recent period
  • List of authorized signatures
  • Photocopy of Tax Registration Certificate
  • Trade Registry Gazette
  • Photocopy of Identity Card
  • Eligible Consumer Energy Purchase and Sale Form
  • Contract
Price Quotation
Price Quotation
If you wish to become an Eligible Comsumer, you can fill the enclosed form and contact with our Sales Representative. Our experts shall propose the most suitable offer which shall be prepared in line with the information you have provided in the mentioned form.
Electricity Generation
The Yeşilyurt Energy was founded in the Tekkeköy district of Samsun Province with the goal of providing uninterrupted and high quality of electricity services to the last users who are active in the whole and retail trade activities.

Working in an effort to generate quality of sustainable and environmental friendly electricity with lower costs, the Yeşilyurt Energy aims at using the energy sources of our country in the most productive and efficient way.
Renewable Energy
Renewable energy is a kind of energy that is obtained as a result of constantly enduring natural processes. Among the most important sources of renewable energy which is capable of renewing itself in a short period of time are wind, sun and water.

Increase in the share of renewable energy in the total energy consumption prevents environmental pollution as well as providing an important contribution to the country’s economy.

The Yeşilyurt Energy protects nature by generating energy from renewable energy sources and raise awareness concerning this issue by offering this energy to the nature friendly electricity consumers.
Our Human Resources Policy
Our Human
Resources Policy
In order to keep the goal of always being a step forward and maintain permanent progress, the Yeşilyurt Energy has been choosing its employees among those who have a broad vision, who have already set their carrier goals and who are open to innovation and development.

Constantly growing to become stronger as a family, the Yeşilyurt Energy has been following a labor policy prioritizing team work and supporting training and development.
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HR Form
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