Human Resources Policy

As a part of the human resources strategy implemented, Yeşilyurt Enerji carries out such practices that produce information, focus on problem solving, are always open to improvement, susceptible to team work and intended to increase and retain qualified work force.

As Yeşilyurt Enerji, we are carrying on our journey by adopting the following policies as an objective:

Employment of such employees that will maintain the tradition and culture of our company in the best way and share our values and enthusiasm,

Creation of a team spirit altogether and proceeding with the employees with an advanced we-feeling,

Achievement of the adoption of a constant and high performance culture,

Making our employees creative, innovative and attentive by means of facilitating their individual development,

Achievement of high motivation by responding to the accomplishments of our employees,

Provision of support for the training of specialized employees who are intellectually improved and can be held up as an example

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