We are carrying out our business activities and providing our services in compliance with national and international regulations in the energy generation business constituting our field of activity with the awareness of undertaking the Energy Management System responsibility. We design our policies with an aim to constantly improve the energy performance and make it environmentally and economically sustainable.

For the purpose of achieving this goal and with the participation of our employees, our top management guarantees to:

Set the targets in line with the energy policy, identify the actions for the achievement of these targets, review the same on a regular basis and provide any necessary resources,

Follow all applicable laws and directives regarding energy and fulfil the requirements thereof,

Communicate with all stakeholders effectively in order to get results based on shared values and benefits in terms of Energy Management,

Make use of appropriate sources and technologies to keep energy under control,

Increase energy performance values which include energy efficiency and intensity in all processes, minimize energy consumption, make improvements with respect to energy efficiency for continuous improvement, implement and monitor the outcomes of the same,

Use energy efficient products for the improvement of the energy performance,

Ensure the procurement of services and performance or supply of the relevant design works,

Improve our Energy Management System on a constant basis, document and announce the same to all units, review and keep the same up-to-date,

Maintain our activities in collaboration with our stakeholders and in line with mutual interests, and

Provide all information and sources in order to achieve the energy related goals and objectives.