YEŞİLYURT ELEKTRİK ENERJİSİ TOPTAN SATIŞ VE İTH. İHR. A.Ş. offers supply solutions which will reduce the costs of electricity in Turkey for corporate customers with a high electricity consumption.

What is a Free Consumer?

“Free Consumer” refers to an electricity subscriber who consumes more than the consumption quantity designated by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) and thus, is entitled to supply electricity from any company at his/her discretion. The minimum consumption quantity designated by the EMRA, on the other hand, is called as the free consumer limit. The free consumer limit is reset and announced in January on an annual basis.

The free consumer limit for 2022 has been set to be 1100 KWh per year.

Free consumers may procure service also from a different electricity company from the appointed electricity distribution company in their regions. In this way, they make use of the electricity in a more affordable and advantageous manner. Free consumers can review the advantageous offers made to them depending on the consumption quantities and choose the best price/tariff for themselves.