As of January 2022, the individuals whose annual total electricity consumption is 1100 KWh and above as designated by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) are eligible to become “Free Consumers”

It will become easy to make saving on the electricity bills of your enterprise. If you become a Free Consumer, you can personally choose your electricity supplier.

By starting to procure services from Yeşilyurt Enerji, you can make saving on your electricity bills thanks to our advantageous prices. Your profitability can increase thanks to your reduced cost and you can experience our customer oriented and high quality service understanding.

When you substitute your supplier, your electricity meter is not replaced and no change is made on your installation. Your electricity consumption bills are issued by and payments are made to our company. Electricity transmission, distribution and meter reading processes, on the other hand, are under the authority and responsibility of the distribution company available in your location. Your “distribution area” is authorized in terms of failure, maintenance and power cut.

  • * Electricity sales agreement
  • * Circular of signature
  • * Trade registry gazette
  • * Tax board
  • * Industrial registration certificate for industrial subscribers
  • No, there are not. There is no need to make any technical changes (line, transformer, meter etc.). The only requirement is that your meters must be digital ones.

    On the ground that you will maintain your current electricity distribution system, there will be no change in the quality of the supplied electricity.

    These processes are under the responsibility of the distribution company same as before. It will be sufficient to dial 186 and make contact with the distribution company for this kind of technical problems.

    Yes, it is possible. You can choose Yeşilyurt Enerji for your energy supply no matter where you live in Turkey.

    You can pay your bills via Remittance/EFT or through the contracted banks.

    Your bills issued by Yeşilyurt Enerji shall be sent to you in the form of E-bill or E-archive on a monthly basis.

    Yes, you may. Every individual who exceed the free consumer limit designated by the EMRA may shift to any energy supply company at their discretion.

    There is no additional cost to be caused by the choice of Yeşilyurt Energy as your electricity supplier.